Need to boost office morale? Just set up a bar in the boardroom

IT’S 6 o’clock and it’s been a long day at work. You’re not quite finished yet – but lord could you do with a drink. Suddenly, your wildest dream becomes reality.?

We’re talking about an actual, zippy bar setting up shop in the conference room or kitchen, with a couple of cute and enthusiastic barmen vigorously shaking up fresh and fruity cocktails.

This is the genius of Liquid Chefs, a mobile bar company that has made a business of inebriating (or relaxing) office-workers. An instant hit in Johannesburg, where the founders are from, their bars have served Nelson Mandela, Jacob Zuma and Oprah as well as thirsty workers.

Now in London, we at City A.M. can vouch for the genius of the idea. There are a range of bars to choose from. You can go for The Full Spectrum, with all spirits, wine and beers. We had the Specialist, “aka the Cocktail Bar”. Three types of cocktail were repeatedly prepared for us over an hour and a half: we had a passion fruit julep, mango mojito, lychee martini. They weren’t the most exquisite, but then again, the were made with vim and vigour and, I can’t stress this enough, served in the conference room.

The effect on the employees of City?A.M. was remarkable. People ran from their desks, like bees to honey. Within the space of five minutes, the office had gone from a room of serious, tired people to a buzzing hive of conversation, conviviality and enjoyment – I would say that all of the above are conducive to productivity. It’s certainly good for forming relationships with your colleagues: a bit like the Christmas party but in the controlled confines of the workplace.

You can customise the colours, ingredients and alcohol content of your bar. We were impressed by the quietness with which they prepared – it takes an hour or so to set up and build the bar with all the drinks and glasses – and we didn’t notice. Until, of course, the cocktails were served. Cocktail bars from £695 for 30 people., or email