Nadir offers more cash to the Tories

Steve Dinneen
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ASIL Nadir, the controversial tycoon who yesterday returned to the UK after 17 years living in exile, embarrassed the Conservatives by saying he would like to give them money.

The notorious fugitive, who donated £500,000 to the Tories in the 1990s, said he would like to hand over even more cash to David Cameron’s party. He said: “It’s only fair if you approve of the policies of a government, if you want to extend their power, why not do it?”

The Tories are privately furious about the suggestion, with one source close to the party telling City A.M.: “He hasn’t got a cat in hell’s chance. There is no way we could ever take money from someone with a track record like Nadir’s. There is no question. It will never, ever happen.”

A party spokesman was more diplomatic, saying: “All donors meet strict requirements.”

Nadir was a playboy of the business world, with his firm reaping huge rewards before it crashed amid allegations of large scale fraud. He will face £34m fraud charges relating to his stewardship of failed conglomerate Polly Peck.