Nadir is back after 17 years

ASIL NADIR, the multimillionaire businessman, who fled the UK after facing a series of significant fraud charges, is to return after almost two decades to face the courtroom.

Nadir will arrive at Luton from his native North Cyprus today to face multimillion-pound fraud charges linked to the collapse of his Polly Peck business, according to The Times.

Nadir fled to North Cyprus, which has no extradition treaty with Britain, in 1993 rather than stand trial and is now expected to go court. The businessman will appear before the Old Bailey on 3 September where he will comply with £250,000 bail conditions.

In 1993 Nadir was due to stand trial on 66 charges of false accounting and theft involving £34m but fled the country in the middle of the night first to France and later to North Cyprus where he has lived for the past 17 years.