Mystery surrounds death of Wanjiru

OLYMPIC marathon champion Samuel Wanjiru has died tragically at the age of 24 after apparently committing suicide.

Wanjiru suffered internal injuries as a result of a fall from a first-floor balcony at his home in the town of Nyahururu and was pronounced dead in hospital after attempts to revive him failed.

Despite police chiefs painting the death of the London marathon course record holder as suicide, Kenyan media and the athlete’s agent, Federico Rosa, have speculated something more sinister could have been afoot.

“I’m 100 per cent certain it was not suicide, that’s all that I can tell you,” said Rosa. “I talked to him yesterday, he seemed very relaxed, happy and everything was cool.”

Despite a stellar athletics career, Wanjiru’s (left) personal life had been afflicted by a number of controversies.

Last year, he was charged with threatening to kill his wife, assault and the illegal possession of a firearm.