For the last four days, tech giants have been unveiling their latest creations. We pick out the very best

1 Firefox OS
Mozilla, of Firefox browser fame, launched a smartphone platform. The UK will see its first Firefox handsets from 2014.
Price: tbc,

2 Sony Xperia Tablet Z
Sony claims its latest tablet is the thinnest in the world.
Price: £399 (wi-fi version), £499 4G;

3 Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Samsung’s new iPad mini rival has an eight-inch screen, compared to the mini’s 7.9 inches.
Price: tbc,

4 Spotify teams up with Ford
Spotify’s apps will integrate with some Ford vehicles’ sound systems, allowing voice control.
Price: Spotify £9.99/month;

5 Nokia’s £13 phone
The new 105 has a 35 day battery life and will be popular among festival goers.
Price: £13;

6 4G phone calls
O2 owner Telefonica is trialling phone calls over 4G networks, meaning far quicker connections and crystal clear voice quality.
Price: tbc;

7 Huawei Ascend P2
China’s Huawei says its new top of the range phone is the fastest in the world, offering download speeds of up to 150Mbps over advanced 4G networks. The Ascend P2 runs Android software.
Price: £350;

8 3D printed covers
Nokia was demonstrating a machine that could “print” custom-made covers for its phones. The company is planning to extend the initiative to print actual handsets with custom features.
Price: n/a;

9 Mobile payments
Both Visa and MasterCard have made big pushes into mobile payments. Visa announced a tie-up with Samsung, aimed at encouraging users to “tap and go” while MasterCard unveiled its MasterPass digital wallet service.
Price: n/a;