Murray’s milestone: what they said

I definitely see him going on to win more. I said the first one would be the hardest but I think it will be the first of many.”

Ex-UK No1 Tim Henman

Congrats @andy_murray to achieve his first Grand Slam! He and Nole [Djokovic] played a great US Open final.”

Rafael Nadal, on Twitter

I'm really proud for the boy. When he really needed to he showed it. It was more nerve-racking than a Premier League match.”

Man Utd boss Sir Alex Ferguson

I always felt he had everything and now it's really come to fruition. And stop saying he's British, he's Scottish.”

Actor Sir Sean Connery

Andy truly is a Scottish sporting legend and I'm certain that more Grand Slam titles will follow.”

First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond

He could absolutely fly for a while and win everything in sight, but it wouldn't surprise me to see a bit of a lull.”

Former coach Miles Maclagan


Cost of living when Fred Perry won his and Britain’s last grand slam
■ Average house price: £550
■ Loaf of bread: 7.5d
■ Pint of milk: 2d
■ Newspaper: 1d-2d

Key historic events
BBC begins broadcasting on television from London
■ Jesse Owens wins four golds at the Berlin Olympics
■ Edward VIII abdicates after just 326 days as King
■ The Crystal Palace is destroyed by fire in south London
■ Germany breaks the treaty of Versailles, the Spanish Civil War begins and Mussolini captures Addis Ababa

Fred Perry’s achievements
■ Perry (left) won the first of eight grand slam singles titles in 1933 at the US Open
■ He would become the first player to complete his career grand slam by winning each major title at least once, his last coming at the US Open in 1936
■ Stockport-born Perry won Wimbledon three times, successively from 1934 to 1936, and was world No1 for four consecutive years
■ Perry is the only grand slam winner to also win a table tennis world championship, as he did in 1929