Mubarak claims he can’t leave as protesters rage

Marion Dakers
EGYPTIAN President Hosni Mubarak declared yesterday that he was “fed-up” with public service but couldn’t leave his post immediately for fear of sparking further violence, as the official death toll on the nation’s streets rose into double figures.

Mubarak told ABC News in an interview that “after 62 years in public service, I have had enough… if I resign today there will be chaos.”

His comments were not enough to quell the chaos centred around Tahrir Square in Cairo where pro-democracy campaigners plan to stage a decisive protest today.

More than 1,000 people have already been injured in the riots.

Oil prices remained jumpy yesterday, hitting another 28-month high at $103.37 (£64.07) a barrel before closing down at $101.76 for March Brent crude futures.