MPs furious at slippery Bob’s question dodge

Tim Wallace
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BOB Diamond frustrated MPs yesterday by failing to answer critical questions and raising more questions about the bank’s actions.

Treasury select committee (TSC) chairman Andrew Tyrie called Diamond’s recollections “somewhat implausible,” and said he hopes to speak to the Bank of England’s Paul Tucker “very shortly” to find out more details.

Tucker has asked the TSC to question him “as soon as possible.”

Other members of the committee were also disappointed with Diamond’s answers, pointing in part to “good media training” letting him to avoid giving details.

“It was a real shame – he has not done the bank justice by repeatedly saying he loves Barclays and that it has a great culture when all of the evidence points to the contrary,” Andrea Leadsom MP told City A.M.

“On the specifics of criminality, that he was unable to answer why no compliance officers picked up the manipulation even when traders were shouting about it across the room when officers were there is just incredible.”

David Ruffley MP added, “some of his answers raise more questions and I will be asking that former chief executive John Varley come to answer some of the questions that Diamond wouldn’t.”