MP expenses hit a high

JUSTICE minister Shahid Malik ran up the highest expenses claim among his MP peers, it emerged yesterday.<br /><br />He has claimed the maximum amount allowed for a second home &ndash; &pound;66,827, over three years. During 2008, he claimed &pound;443 a week for a London town house, or &pound;23,083 over the whole year.<br /><br />Meanwhile, on his constituency residence in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, he pays less than &pound;100 per week.<br /><br />He rents his Yorkshire home, and a constituency office, from the same man &ndash; Tahir Zaman &ndash; a local landlord who has been fined for letting an uninhabitable house.<br /><br />Four years before becoming an MP, Malik bought a home in Peckham for &pound;85,000. After he was elected to Parliament in 2005, he gave the property as his &ldquo;second home&rdquo; and began claiming the maximum amount available in parliamentary expenses.