MP expenses are censored

OVER a million pages of MP expenses were made available to the public yesterday in a bid for transparency, but the government was hit by accusations of a cover up after huge swathes of crucial information was censored. <br /><br />Items hidden under thick black blocks include addresses of second homes, destinations on train tickets and the names of hotels used on business trips.<br /><br />The heavy deletion marks make it impossible to determine what many of the claims are, or whether there was an attempt to manipulate Parliament&rsquo;s rules. It also means that those MP&rsquo;s who &ldquo;flipped&rdquo; their second homes allowance, would have never come to light had that information not been leaked.<br /><br />But they do show that shadow chancellor George Osborne claimed &pound;47 for two DVDs of one of his own speeches, entitled &ldquo;Value for Taxpayers&rsquo; Money&rdquo;. <br /><br />Other revelations from the 600 MPs listed include a claim for more than &pound;1,000 from Chris Grayling, the shadow home secretary, for shredding services<br /><br />Meanwhile, Hazel Blears who came under attack for avoiding capital gains tax, before later paying the charge, survived an attempt to oust her at a constituency deselection.