Motorists angry as chancellor sticks to his guns on fuel duty

IT was rumoured to be the rabbit in George Osborne’s Budget box, but a freeze in fuel duty was nowhere to be found yesterday, to the dismay of motoring groups.

Fuel tax will go up by 3.02p per litre on 1 August as planned, the chancellor said, despite calls from consumers to prevent near-record oil prices trickling down to the petrol pumps.

“Diesel is at its highest price ever recorded and this failure to act is a devastating blow to families and businesses,” said Peter Carroll, founder of campaign group FairFuelUK. “Millions of people and thousands of businesses will feel ignored.”

The government’s “fair fuel stabiliser”, to hold back tax rises when oil is over $75 a barrel, is in progress.

And excise duty on heavy goods vehicles will be frozen this year.