Most UK firms want to create jobs this year

Tim Wallace
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BUSINESSES are eager to hire more staff, a survey showed yesterday – but they do not think ex-public sector workers have the skills needed for private sector work.

Fifty-eight per cent of companies told Barclays’ job creation survey they plan to create jobs over the next 12 months, almost unchanged from the 57 per cent last year.

Few believe they have been encouraged by government initiatives, with 88 per cent saying schemes to foster job creation have come to nothing.

Small companies in particular are increasingly looking to boost headcount, with 51 per cent planning on hiring, up from 41 per cent last year.

This hiring spree is not expected to make up for the large losses in public sector jobs – 71 per cent of firms expect a shortfall in hiring.

In part this is because over half of firms are not interested in hiring ex-public sector employees, arguing they lack suitable skills for the companies’ needs.