A modern take on a classic

Zucca head chef Sam Harris has added strong new flavours to the pappa al pomodoro


■ 1 tbsp garlic
■ 1 bunch basil
■ 2 tins tomatoes
■ Pan salted water
■ 1 loaf of stale sourdough bread, torn into small chunks
■ Olive oil
■ Salt
■ Burratta

● Gently fry off the garlic and basil in olive oil in a deep saucepan
● Add the tinned tomatoes and cook down until thickened
● Season with salt
● Add enough bread to create one layer in the pan and loosen slightly with a ladle of the salted water. Let this cook out on a gentle heat until the bread has soaked up the tomato and broken down slightly, stirring regularly
● Carry on with the layers of bread and salted water until all the bread has been added and soaked up all the tomato and liquid to create a loosened bread mixture.
● Finish off with a good glug of olive oil and the burrata and season with salt

This Tuscan soup is one of my favourite antipasti dishes. At Zucca we team it with burrata. It’s not the most classic combination, as these two ingredients are pretty much at opposite ends of the map, but we try to give traditional Italian dishes a modern twist and our own stamp. The sharp sweetness of the tomato works really well with the oozing creamy burrata.

Freshness of the cheese is paramount so we source the burrata from a small produce outside of Bari in Puglia, Italia and take delivery three times a week. We make all our break in the restaurant and use our sourdough for this and premium tinned Italian tomatoes.