Miliband hints at Labour plan to extend the retirement age

ED MILIBAND yesterday suggested Labour would extend the retirement age, as he detailed how he would seek to control welfare spending.

“On pensions, we know we have a rising elderly population and a rising budget,” he told an audience in docklands. “The way to make this sustainable is to increase the number of people in the working population supporting our elderly. And therefore to show a willingness to adjust the retirement age.”

The opposition leader said a future Labour government would have limited spending power and promised to set a cap on structural welfare budgets. He also suggested the party would not restore child benefit for high earners and wants to cut housing benefit.
Miliband also attempted to shape the language used to describe state benefits, with Labour believing the terms used in the debate have become toxic. Miliband said “social security” 38 times in the speech, but “welfare” was only used six times.

He also dismissed accusations that Labour avoided tax on a £1.65m gift of shares from donor John Mills.