Miliband backs new caps on welfare budget

ED MILIBAND will this morning attempt to convince the public that Labour can be trusted with the public finances as he announces a pledge to cap certain benefits.

The Labour leader will say his plan to cap the structural social security budget – which covers payments such as housing benefit and disability support – would be capped for three years.

“The next Labour government will have less money to spend,” Miliband will tell an audience in Newham. “Social security spending, vital as it is, cannot be exempt from that discipline.”

Miliband will also seek to reward those who have a track record of work by proposing a more generous jobseeker’s allowance for claimants who have built up many years of national insurance contributions.

Yesterday Labour admitted it would not reverse the coalition’s cuts to child benefit, which took the payment away from families who pay the higher rate of tax.

Tory party chairman Grant Shapps said Miliband’s plans “would actually increase welfare spending, and mean more borrowing and more debt”.