Microsoft unveils 10 new phones as it bids to usurp Apple and RIM

Steve Dinneen
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MICROSOFT has unveiled 10 new Windows Phone 7 powered mobiles as it attempts to catch up with rivals Apple, Google and RIM.

Microsoft will supply software to five new HTC phones, two Samsung, two LG and one Dell. The devices will be available with 60 operators in 30 countries. They will hit Europe immediately and the US on 8 November.

The move has been seen as a last-ditch effort to break into the lucrative smartphone market after being left behind by its bitter rivals.

The software is consumer-focused and integrates with Microsoft’s Xbox and Zune music player. Analysts have been tentatively enthusiastic about the new devices, which have already drawn comparisons with Apple’s all-conquering iPhone.

Even Apple-loving Stephen Fry praised the phones yesterday. He said: “I have felt enormous pleasure using this phone. I want biodiversity, the more players there are the more it drives creativity and innovation.”