Microsoft slashes the cost of its Surface RT tablets as sales lag

MICROSOFT yesterday cut prices for its Surface RT tablets by up to 30 per cent in a bid to increase the devices’ lacklustre sales.

The software giant reduced the price of its basic 32GB model without a touch keyboard from $499 (£330) to $399 (£264) and cut the 64GB model’s price by $150 (£99) to $499.

The price cuts come just days after the firm’s biggest internal restructuring in years, when chief executive Steve Ballmer said he wants more customers using Microsoft products on devices besides personal computers.

The discounting also follows further price cuts. Microsoft reduced the price of a version of the tablet for schools and universities for a two-month period. Under the scheme, Surface RTs without keyboards sell for as little as $199.

Microsoft, which has been selling Surface RT tablets for a year, has also recently tried to increase sales by offering customers a free cover that doubles as the device’s keyboard. The covers typically cost $119 or $129 each.