Microsoft complains to EU over Google

GOOGLE faces the prospect of further lengthy battles with European authorities after a group of technology giants including Microsoft and Nokia complained the company is abusing its dominant position in the mobile market.

FairSearch, a group of technology firms, yesterday said it had filed a complaint with the European Commission which argues that Google has exploited its Android software’s dominant position in the mobile software market to push customers to Google’s other services such as Maps and Gmail.

Under European law, companies are not allowed to use their strong position in one market to distort another. Earlier this year, the European Commission fined Microsoft €561m (£479.5m) for failing to offer certain Windows users a choice of web browsers, and it is already considering punishing Google for using its dominance in the search market to encourage the use of certain other services.

Android currently has around 70 per cent of the European market. Google said yesterday it would “continue to work co-operatively with the European Commission”.