Michael Jackson's death gives boost to YouTube

Stephan Shakespeare
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FOLLOWING the untimely death of Michael Jackson, fans of the pop sensation were brought together by one man&rsquo;s music.<br /><br />Whereas in a previous age people might have rushed to buy re-issued records or CDs, in the internet age it translated into a surge of people looking online for Jackson&rsquo;s music. As well as music retailers, a major beneficiary was YouTube. The website enabled individuals across the globe to share their memories, add their respects and enjoy their idol&rsquo;s music.<br /><br />In the past, we have seen that BrandIndex picks up big jumps in viewing figures on YouTube. The big peak in the accompanying chart for instance, shows the point where Susan Boyle (of Britain&rsquo;s Got Talent) achieved 50m hits on YouTube.<br /><br />Whilst only a short period of time has passed since Michael Jackson&rsquo;s death was announced, &ldquo;Buzz&rdquo; for the brand is already picking up. Currently at +9, &ldquo;Buzz&rdquo; has already hit a monthly high and could yet beat YouTube&rsquo;s &ldquo;SuBo&rdquo; peak.<br /><br /><strong>ROYAL MAIL SALE</strong><br />Lord Mandelson has announced that the partial privatisation of the Royal Mail is to be put back, apparently due to a lack of legislative time.<br /><br />Despite the political entanglement that the Royal Mail brand finds itself in, the overall health of the brand on BrandIndex has steadily improved. Back in April 2008, Index and &ldquo;Buzz&rdquo; scores for the brand were at +11 and -8 respectively. Despite calls for strike action in December and news coverage of the sell-off plans in February, both the overall Index and &ldquo;Buzz&rdquo; scores for the brand have risen.<br /><br />When or if the Royal Mail is sold, its new owner can be reassured they are buying a very resilient brand.<br /><br />Stephan Shakespeare is co-founder and chief innovation officer of YouGov