Merkel calls on Bundesbank to dismiss director

GERMAN chancellor Angela Merkel is urging Bundesbank to review whether one of its board members should remain at the bank after comments he made about immigrants and Jews caused a political storm.

Merkel lashed out at comments made by Thilo Sarrazin, who joined Bundesbank’s board last year, and said the bank should dismiss him.

Sarrazin, who released a book on immigration yesterday, was quoted telling a German newspaper that “all Jews share a particular gene”.

Merkel said his comments have harmed “the bank’s reputation domestically and abroad”.

The Bundesbank board has sought to distance itself from Sarrazin although it has not called for his resignation.

A statement said: “The Bundesbank board is of the view that Dr Sarrazin’s comments hurt the image of the Bundesbank.”

Sarrazin’s book, Germany Abolishes Itself, is a critical look at immigration in the country. He says his comments have been taken out of context.