A menswear brand with technological edge

Timothy Barber
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STEP into menswear brand Alfred Dunhill’s London “home”, Bourdon House on Davies St in Mayfair, and you enter a world of heritage and urbanity – polished leather and wood, old-fashioned stylings, gentlemanly deference and proper tailoring. There’s even an attached gentlemen’s club that’s strictly invitation only. All very classy, but let’s just say it doesn’t exactly suggest forward-thinking techy innovation.

As it happens, though, Dunhill’s a menswear brand that’s rather fond of its groovy gadgets – the company’s popularity in tech-mad Asia no doubt has something to do with it. Earlier this year it brought out a biometric wallet – a wallet made of carbon fibre that can only be opened by recognising its owner’s fingerprint – and a stylish solar charger for phones and gadgets.

Its latest gizmos are some high-end headphones and a very cool mini-projector. The latter tool can screen presentations, images and films over a 60 inch screen size – perfect for business meetings done on the hoof. Its leather case also doubles up as a small screen.

For the headphones, Dunhill’s partnered up with audiophile brand Denon to create superior noise-cancelling cans that will make you the envy of fellow commuters. www.dunhill.com