Speaking of Gordon Brown, there&rsquo;s got to come a point when you have to feel a bit sorry for the man. Not only has Opposition leader David Cameron put him to shame with a ruthless response to the MPs expenses scandal, but even puddings named after him are proving unpopular in the extreme.<br /><br />Searcys 40/30, the City restaurant at the top of the Gherkin, recently launched three &ldquo;politico puds&rdquo; (their words, not mine): a chocolate melting middle sponge named after Brown, a hazelnut torte named after communities secretary Hazel Blears and some brandied plums named after schools secretary Ed Balls. You&rsquo;d have thought Brown would have come up trumps, having bagged the mother of all decadent desserts, but not so: after two weeks, just six of his puds had been sold compared to Blears&rsquo; 34 and Balls&rsquo; 67.<br /><br />It never rains but it pours, as they say.<br />