Mayor’s Fund backs healthy brekkie for kids

The Capitalist is pleased to announce news of the Mayor’s Fund for London and Magic Breakfast’s campaign to provide 5,000 children with free healthy breakfasts.

The Mayor’s Fund has teamed up with Cazenove Capital Management, Tropicana Orange Juice and Quaker Oats and is investing £660,000 to feed kids in schools all over London – including Hackney, Islington, Lambeth, Lewisham, Newham, Southwark and Tower Hamlets.

Today the Mayor of London Boris Johnson (pictured above) backed up a previous promise to invest in the youngsters of the future, saying: “Eating the right type of foods boosts learning, but unfortunately some children are missing out on this vital first meal of the day. This brilliant scheme will be a catalyst for helping fuel the energy of thousands of pupils and enable them to reach their full potential.”

The three-year scheme will provide London school children with over 100,000 bagels and 62,000 bowls of cereal and porridge each year, as well as 93,000 glasses of fresh juice.

Chief executive of the Mayor’s Fund for London Matthew Patten revealed: “One in three young Londoners live in poverty and many of them arrive at school in the morning having had nothing nutritious to eat since their school lunch the previous day.”

City A.M. reported before Christmas that Twitter faced being slapped with a fine for failing to file its UK accounts on time at Companies House. The internet giant racked up automatic penalties after missing the deadline by more than a month. The Capitalist notices the social network has now filed the slimmest of financial statements, which begs the question– why be tardy for so few sheets. A flick through the pages, however, reveals that TweetDeck Limited, a subsidiary company, is marked with “proposal to strike off.” The Tweeters declined to comment on the possibility of it being struck off as a separate company.

For all City folk who’ve resolved to bring in their own lunch in the New Year – and failed – welcome Pret's new January menu. Three new chef’s specials are on shelves, and The Capitalist cannot help but wonder if the Pret marketing gods have been watching too many seductive M&S food advertisements over Christmas. The saucy advertising boasts “Our vibrant naked avocado bloomer features beautiful avocado and aromatic basil leaves gently plucked from the stem, on a pile of spicy wild rocket” or alternatively a “Lovingly seasoned and tantalising grilled tortilla wrap with a squeeze of lemon” might just whet the appetite.