Mayor attacks chancellor on Eurozone ideas

BORIS Johnson yesterday attacked one of George Osborne’s key positions on the Eurozone crisis when he said that any attempts at greater fiscal union would be “absolutely crazy”.

Speaking at a journalists’ lunch in Westminster, the Mayor of London said: “I think it’s absolutely crazy to decide the solution to the euro crisis is to intensify fiscal union.”

“I can’t for the life of me see how that is going to work in the long-term.”

The chancellor has consistently called on Eurozone countries to pursue greater fiscal union to help resolve the escalating debt crisis in the region.

Johnson, who dismissed suggestions he would run against Osborne in a future Tory leadership contest, also repeated calls for the government to scrap the 50p rate.

“Someone’s got to say it and it might as well be me,” he said.

Johnson also made a plea for the Mayor of London to be granted powers over education, saying there was a “real risk” that London’s teenagers were missing out on opportunities because they didn’t have the same work ethic as some foreign workers in the UK.