Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook will float in the future

Steve Dinneen
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THE world’s biggest social networking site will float at some point, according to its founder yesterday.

However, he would not put a time-frame on the listing of the firm, which has been privately valued at over $1bn (£670m).

He also said Facebook is poised to surpass 1bn users. The only major markets where the site is not number one in its sector are Russia, Japan, Korea and China.

Even in these markets Facebook is seeing exponential growth and Zuckerberg believes he can crack them in three to five years.

Facebook exceeded 500m users this year and is expanding at such a rapid rate that Zuckerberg bragged “it is almost a guarantee” it will reach the billion mark.

The founder admitted Facebook had been exposed to privacy issues as it grew but claimed this was in part due to the changing face of the internet.

He said: “Six years ago most people didn’t want any information about themselves on the web.

“Over time people think it is great to be connected and share things. I think the world looks a lot different now. There is a real natural tension between people seeing the value of sharing more stuff but wanting control over what they share,” he added.