THERE will be plenty for the market to mull over this week. Amongst the economic news, we are expecting PMI surveys, consumer confidence and PPI out of the UK; unemployment figures from the eurozone; as well as consumption data-including the Fed&rsquo;s preferred inflation measure-from the US. On Wednesday we will hear the views of Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke. Both the Bank of England and the ECB are due to conclude interest rate setting meetings on Thursday. Neither is expected to adjust rates, but may update the market on their efforts to increase the money supply. All this is set in a backdrop of geopolitical tension, arising from North Korean aggression and the ongoing crises in the American automotive sector.<br /><br />All eyes will be on the US Employment Report on Friday. At present consensus is for a further drop of 520k in Non-Farm payrolls, edging unemployment up to a rate of 9.2 per cent. The market will be looking for early clues on this number from the ADP Employment report due for release on Wednesday.<br /><br />A late rally in the Dow on Friday has set a positive tone to this week&rsquo;s European open. GFT is forecasting an open to the FTSE 100 of 4445 up 27 points. In Germany the DAX is expected to open up 34 at 4975 and in France the CAC up 14 at 3292.