Mandy in Vauxhall talks

LORD Mandelson would pledge financial support to a long-term, viable business plan from Vauxhall parent General Motors (GM), sources close to his department said last night, after the business secretary held talks with the US carmaker and the German economics minister. <br /><br />Mandelson spoke with Fritz Henderson and Rainer Bruederle yesterday after the US car giant pulled out of a deal which would have seen its European arm sold off to Canadian car parts maker Magna International. He is anxious to see a business plan from GM as early as possible, it is understood, and one is expected to come as early as next week. <br /><br />No figure for the support was given, but sources say it would be less than the amount promised to Magna &ndash; around &pound;400m.<br /><br />There are concerns over the near-5,000 staff GM employs in the UK under the Vauxhall badge.