Man’s best friend sparks rivalry between furnishing magnates

TO the Corney & Barrow’s Devonshire Terrace establishment earlier this week where Lord Harris’ son Martin, who is commercial director at Carpetright, the firm chaired and founded by his retail magnate father, was entertaining guests with tales of a mischievous new purchase.

Equestrian enthusiasts will recall that Lord Harris and fellow businessman Lord Kirkham own Hello Sanctos, the horse that was ridden to Olympic victory by Scott Brash in the showjumping over the summer.

To mark the occasion, Martin gave Lords Harris and Kirkham a twin dog each, appropriately named Scott and Brash. Unfortunately it seems that Kirkham’s dog is brash by name and by nature, tearing up the sofa and relieving himself everywhere, while mild-mannered Scott is causing no trouble at all.

Thankfully Lord Kirkham knows a man in the carpet trade.

■ THE Oxford English Dictionary (OED) has been busy updating its pages from all sectors of life, including the financial world, with timely additions making the cut including super-injunction, affordable housing, quantitative easing and the buzz word du jour – universal banking. As of today the esteemed editors of the OED are seeking the public's help to track down the origins of words such as the lesser spotted “blue-arsed fly”. This particular metaphorical insect has been attributed to one of the Duke of Edinburgh’s less eye-watering quotes from a 1970 interview – not to be confused with the r-less blue-assed fly which can be attested from at least 1932. Unlike the first OED appeal to the public issued by the Philological Society in 1859, today’s petition will be taking place online.

■ FOLLOWING the meltdown of sportswear retailer JJB Sports at the start of the week, one employee saw an opportunity amid the chaos to exact a small piece of revenge. The firm’s resident tweeter gave up his usual tirade “Hi Michael, after speaking to the store in question again, it appears the delivery was late due to the recent weather conditions...” (chin up Mikey, you won't be seeing that Full Team Kit again) and instead used the JJB Twitter handle to promote various nightclubs, presumably run by @JJBSportPLC's nearest and dearest. The errant tweets have now been removed, although The Capitalist has to wonder at this stage – by who?