Make a cracking choice this Easter

Before shelling out on a special egg, read what our expert tasters had to say about the luxury options on the market this year

Pierre Hermé Ouef Mendiant, £40
The combination of “interesting” flavours like ginger, orange and hazelnut stuck onto the shell of this egg helped set it apart from the rest. While one reviewer criticised the inside packaging for looking “cheap for a luxury brand”, the majority praised its fresh take on a classic. 8/10

Lindor Shell Egg Limited Edition Assortment, £8.19
While it played things a little safe (some might say “boring”), Lindor’s offering was the best performer by a long shot. The overall response was that it’s a “timeless classic” and exactly what you would expect from the master chocolatiers. 9/10

La Maison du Chocolat Egg Coffret, £62
The “variety” of mini eggs on offer along with “great packaging” proved a winning formula for La Maison du Chocolat. Most panellists said that, while the flavours were “not the most traditional”, the eggs are definitely among the best of the bunch. 8/10

Godiva Easter Egg, £16
The egg attracted a lot of praise for its packaging and presentation but the majority felt it “looks better than it tastes.” Most panellists found it either “too sweet” or “bland”. 6/10

Prestat Rose & Violet Crème Easter Egg, £15
While the presentation had its fans, the taste let this one down. The general consensus is that it tastes “cheap” and “bitter” and despite the the competitive price, one taster said the large box compared to the few mini eggs inside would make this look like a “stingy” gift. 3/10