M&Ain focus in Credit Suisse's buyer/seller list

KRAFT&rsquo;S bid last week for UK confectionary giant Cadbury will be the first of many buyout attempts, according to a Credit Suisse analyst.<br /><br />The analyst at the Swiss bank Richard Kersley yesterday sent out a table of companies that he believes are the most likely to buy a rival and of those companies that look most like targets in the same sector. <br /><br />The snapshot provides a useful guide to forthcoming consolidation, as it is likely many rivals will do deals in the coming months, with those who have handled the recession well looking to make acquisitions. <br /><br />In a note accompanying the table, Kersley said key US indicators suggest mergers &amp; acquisitions (M&amp;A) activity is set to surge &ldquo;right about now&rdquo;. <br /><br />Sectors like banks, building materials and insurance in particular&nbsp; will see buyouts, encouraged by the &ldquo;good values&rdquo; of rivals whose prices have collapsed in the global financial crisis. <br /><br />Within Europe, companies&rsquo; financial positions differ dramatically between the UK and the continent. Kersley said: &ldquo;The former is still indebted but the latter has a record financial surplus, making it the more likely source of activity.&rdquo; <br />