GOODBYE London, Hello Tiki paradise! Mahiki Coconut – the latest new liqueur from London’s hottest nightclub Mahiki – lands exclusively at Selfridges this week and already we’re getting into the holiday spirit.

Mahiki Coconut is a delicious coconut liqueur made with a blend of Caribbean Rum, fine spirits and real coconut. (In other words, just the thing for sipping on balmy summer evenings.)

The best thing about it is that it’s completely versatile. It tastes great on its own, poured over ice, or as a partner to cola and a range of fruit juices. It also makes a fabulous addition to any cocktail. (Read right to see some of the club’s top mixologist Georgi Radev’s cocktail recipes.)

To celebrate Mahiki Coconut’s launch, three different bottle designs have been created. One is adorned with a Hawaii-style shirt print, another is a black and white textile print, the third meanwhile features blue skies and tropical blooms. Over time, these sleeves will change with new fresh designs. All 70cl bottles will be 21% vol priced at £24.99.

Mayfair’s Mahiki nightclub has become a landmark in London in recent years, serving the city’s glitterati (not to mention the odd passing royal, A-list celebrity and supermodel Kate Moss) with cocktails and music.

The club is famed for its ‘Tiki’ Polynesian themed interiors, including jungle and beach themed lounges, each lit with an atmospheric glow. Its cocktails, meanwhile – served in ceramic Tiki glasses, fresh cut pineapples, watermelons and coconuts – are as delightful to hold as they are to drink.

Mahiki Coconut is the latest addition to its blossoming spirits line, which also includes Mahiki Rum, and perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the club which is all about fun, escapism and partying. Now fans will be able to enjoy all this from home. Bottoms up!

Mahiki Coconut is available exclusively at the Wine Shop (Ground floor, Selfridges London) and online at

Mahiki Coconut Pina Colada

Half a handful of fresh pineapple
Half a freshly squeezed lime
30ml of fresh pineapple juice
30ml of coconut cream
30ml of Mahiki Coconut
30ml of dark rum

HOW TO MAKE: Blend with a small cup of crushed ice until liquid. Serve in a tall glass with a straw. “It just says holiday.” says Georgi.

Tongue Twister

20ml Cachaça
110ml Mahiki Coconut
20ml lime juice
20ml passion fruit syrup
20ml coconut cream
100ml each: guava and apple juice

HOW TO MAKE: Pour everything in to the tumbler (all the better if you can find a conch shell!) and slowly stir until it’s all muddled together. Decorate with orchids and fruit. “It looks great, especially with some tropical flowers.” says Georgi. Enjoy!

Krakatoa with Mahiki Coconut

100ml Mahiki Coconut
100ml dark rum
50ml each of raspberry, strawberry and cranberry juice
juice from one lime

HOW TO MAKE: Mix the juices and spirit together in a shaker. Pour over ice into four glasses. Light some dark rum in a glass and pour over, sprinkling cinnamon over the glass at the same time. “This is perfect for a bit of theatre.” says Georgi.

Bikini Blast with Mahiki Coconut

Handful of fresh watermelon and pineapple
juice of one lime
30ml sugar syrup
50ml tequila and 50 ml Mahiki Coconut

HOW TO MAKE: Put everything in a blender with some crushed ice. Once it’s in the cup, put a fresh raspberry on top. “This is totally refreshing because everything is made with fresh ingredients.” says Georgi.

Zombie with Mahiki Coconut

60ml strong dark rum and 20ml Mahiki Coconut
10ml each of: absinthe, grenadine, sugar syrup and maraschino liqueur
30ml grapefruit juice
1 lime (half juice, save the other half.)

HOW TO MAKE: Shake the liquid ingredients thoroughly and pour over ice. To serve, cut the remaining lime wedge in half and put a sugar cube inside. Rest it at the top of the glass. Add a sprig of mint to protect it from the straw. Light a shot of strong dark rum and pour it over (avoiding the straw). “This cocktail is only for the brave.” says Georgi.