Magazine distributor MMC collapses with huge debts

MAGAZINE distributors MMC today collapsed into administration with debts totalling up to £700,000.

The distributor of magazines including the Spectator has cast a shadow over the industry, with small publishers fearing they could be driven out of business because they are owed cash by MMC.

MMC, founded in 1988, was the UK’s largest independent newstrade distributor representing over 135 clients and 400 magazines.

MMC’s direct customers were wholesalers, which in the UK comprised of Smith News and Menzies Distribution. The company also worked on behalf of its clients representing their titles to retail groups to promote sales and to agree which titles the retail groups would sell.

It had also built up a reputation in the export business, with over 77 agents in 58 countries.

Hundreds of thousands of magazines have now been impounded.