Long, dark & handsome

IT HAS been said about diamonds, chocolate, red lipstick and Sauvignon Blanc, but mascara really is a girl&rsquo;s best friend. In a single stroke it adds allure and definition to your eyes which, in addition to being the windows to the soul, are the key to a good first impression. Making sure you smoulder when making eye contact is an easy trick to master, especially now, as lots of top brands have launched new, high-performing mascaras for the winter that are the result of improved technology. Once you had to choose between dramatic lash-thickening wands and those that were gentle on your eyes. Now you can have both.<br /><br />There&rsquo;s lots to choose from, whether you&rsquo;re after something that makes a statement, that&rsquo;s super-sultry or office-appropriate. Browns, purples, greens and other shades are replacing the traditional black &ndash; Sue Devitt and Benefit are among those that have launched new colours. There are also new lash-magnifying formulas from Nars and Chantecaille. This is also the year of the vibrating wand &ndash; Lancome has three, headed up by its Oscillation Powerbooster. Go forth and make eyes.<br /><br /><strong>DR HAUSCHKA VOLUME MASCARA<br />&pound;18</strong><br />In black, green and aubergine.<br /><br /><strong>MAC PLUSH LASH<br />&pound;12</strong><br />Comes in black or brown.<br /><br /><strong>CONDITIONING MASCARA, BY TERRY<br />&pound;22.51 from Space NK</strong><br />Designed to last.<br /><br /><strong>SPACE NK FAUX CILS MASCARA CHANTECAILL<br />&pound;30.34</strong><br />With mineral salts and red seaweed extracts.<br /><br /><strong>LE METIER DE BEAUTE ANAMORPHIC LASH<br />&pound;24</strong><br />Available in Midnight Blue, brown and black.<br /><br /><strong>SUE DEVITT BLACK WIDOW<br />&pound;17.50</strong><br />Available in numerous colours, including lavender.<br /><br /><strong>NARS VOLUMISING MASCARA<br />&pound;18</strong><br />Comes in black and black alone.<br /><br /><strong>BAD GAL BROWN<br />&pound;13.50</strong><br />And this one is the top pick for a brown.