London is still top choice for international workers

LONDON is the most popular “global city” among international jobseekers, beating New York, Singapore and Paris according to a survey out today.

The capital’s world-beating reputation comes despite the downbeat outlook encouraging Britons themselves to seek work overseas.

Workers in crisis-hit countries are particularly keen to move to London, with those in Portugal, Ireland and Greece seeing it as a top destination.

The UK’s high standard of living was cited by half of respondents as the reason for wanting to move to London.

Sixty-three per cent of Britons would also consider working overseas, largely due to economic gloom here.

“Jobseekers have become more flexible on where they’ll work, and with English as their first language they have a advantage,” said Mike Booker of, which conducted the survey. “However, the rise of the BRIC countries... means the competitive advantage of being fluent in the current business language lessens every year.”