London’s healthiest menus

RICH meaty food is de rigueur these days, but if you’re trying to start the new year on a good nutritional footing, you can still eat out with gusto and enjoyment. We’re not talking a few sprouts here and a bit of sashimi there. Here is our pick of the best places to turn over your new leaf – in style.

London’s gourmet, super-sleek vegan restaurant is probably the healthiest restaurant in town. Its dinner menu this year includes spaghetti with pomegranate, lime and coriander, and black truffle risotto: organic brown rice, wild mushrooms, cashew cream and pickled vegetables. Macadamia caprese, with sun-dried tomato and herbs is unlike anything you’ve had before. 52-154 Curtain Road, London EC2A 3AT, tel: 020 7613 0007.

This Pimlico classic is updating its image with revamped menus, of which this season’s most exciting is the calorie-counted Healthy Choice. There’s nothing sissy here – think buckwheat noodles with wild mushroom, herb salad and carrot caramel (88 cals); haunch of venison with curly kale (185 calories) and almond pancakes with pear salad (74 cals). 11 Pimlico Road, SW1W 8NA, tel: 020 7730 6784.

This is one of the most enticing detox menus in town. Scallop sashimi with grilled hazelnut and black truffles is followed by grilled aubergine with miso and roast mango with cloves and fat free yoghurt. Your body will thank you. 36 Gloucester Road, SW7 4QT, tel: 020 7584 1118.

This brilliant Icelandic restaurant has a “rejuvenation menu” featuring ingredients chosen for their ability to ward off fatigue and promote well-being. Gravadlax with horseradish; Icelandic skyr, sorrel and fennel salad, and Icelandic cod with barley risotto are all on the agenda. 34 Portman Street, W1H 7BY, tel: 020 7224 0028.

If you’re craving sweets, give yourself a healthy bit of what you fancy: the fashionista’s bakery du jour are offering a gluten/dairy/sugar free afternoon tea, with delights such as orange and cranberry cupcake, banana and coconut gluten-free cake, blueberry muffins free of dairy, egg, sugar, nuts and gluten and a flourless chocolate cake. 35 Connaught Street, W2 2AZ,
tel: 020 7706 2770

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