London makes up the lion’s share of overcrowded trains

Marion Dakers
THE DEPARTMENT for Transport yesterday confirmed what most of the city’s commuters already know: that London-bound trains make up the most overcrowded services in the country.

A fifth of passengers, or around 100,000, were forced to stand during the peak of a typical morning rush into the capital in 2012. The DfT said this has fallen since last year.

First Great Western is the most crowded franchise, with 7.1 per cent more passengers than space across the morning and evening peaks.

In the autumn, a late-running Heathrow Connect train to Paddington at 8.27am had 65 per cent more passengers than capacity, making it the most cramped service in the country.

Seven of the ten most overcrowded trains were heading for London during the morning rush.

The figures allow for standing on journeys less than 20 minutes. Transport minister Norman Baker urged operators to “do what they can” to ease overcrowding.