London firms give mixed views on the benefits of the Olympics

Kasmira Jefford
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LONDON businesses think the Olympics provided less of a boost in demand than they anticipated, claims a survey by Deloitte.

Some 42 per cent of firms said they have seen a positive impact on demand since the start of the games compared with 27 per cent who reported a decrease.

But this is in stark contrast with the 80 per cent surveyed in January who hoped to benefit from the Games. Just four per cent had expected the event to dent demand.

Travel, hospitality and leisure companies have benefitted the most, with 69 per cent reporting an increasing in demand, followed by 59 per cent of retailers.

Logistics companies were caught out, with 60 per cent reported a negative impact, while most financial services firms surveyed recorded no change in business.

The auditor surveyed 100 large businesses across retail, tourism and hospitality, financial services and logistics and transport.