Lloyds set for fresh round of bad loans

LLOYDS Banking Group could write off a further &pound;13bn on the loans it acquired from HBOS when it unveils half-year results next month.<br /><br />The bank&rsquo;s results are likely to show ongoing deterioration on its commercial property, corporate and mortgage loans, analysts at UBS said, warning that writeoffs for the year could reach &pound;20bn.<br /><br />UBS forecast that Lloyds would announce a half-year loss of &pound;6.3bn, backing up the bank's own predictions of a loss-making 2009 and 2010.<br />The grim outlook comes as Lloyds casts around for a new chairman. The bank&rsquo;s preferred candidate, Sir Win&nbsp; Bischoff, is unpopular with shareholders due to his association with the woes of Citigroup during his time as chairman.