Lloyds faces 70,000 claim in tribunal of sacked single mother

<!--StartFragment--> LLOYDS is fighting a &pound;70,000 employment tribunal suit after a former City-based audit manager launched a claim, saying she was fired for being a black single mother.<br /><br />Alison Weekes, 39, is accusing the bank of firing her after saying she was not &ldquo;truly committed&rdquo; to the job compared to single male colleagues.<br /><br />Weekes, the mother of an eight-year old son, claims she was told she was simply unable to put in the necessary hours due to parental responsibilities.<br /><br />Rheian Davies, the solicitor from DH Law representing Weekes, said she has email evidence to prove the claim. Lloyds claims the remarks have been &ldquo;taken out of context&rdquo;. <!--EndFragment-->