Lloyds boss back at work

LLOYDS boss António Horta-Osório will return to Gresham Street today for his first day of work since going on sick leave in November due to insomnia.

It is understood he will spend the first week meeting with executives in order to talk over their roles and revamp his management style to share more of the burden with others.

That will involve, for example, cutting down the number of people who report directly to him, which is currently at 13. And he is also likely to spend less time getting hold of and examining highly detailed information like daily sales figures from every division.

Despite his full schedule, however, he will take five minutes out of his morning for a photo opportunity to demonstrate his “bushy-tailed” state, in the words of chairman Sir Win Bischoff. He will also come in to work “at a normal time”, said a source, in contrast to his 6am start on his first day in the job last year.