Live 3D will bring the Games to you

London 2012 will be the first-ever Olympic Games broadcast live in 3D, so even if you don’t have a ticket, the Games can still seem closer than ever. The BBC is promising to screen the opening and closing ceremonies and the men’s 100m final, but if you are a Sky+ HD subscriber, you could watch up to eight hours of live footage a day.

Panasonic is the audio-visual sponsor and its special cameras and recording format will provide the 3D signal. Its team is quietly confident about its technology, but says that 3D requires careful camerawork.

If you bought a new TV recently, it may well be 3D-ready, even if you haven’t used the capability yet. If so, this summer is the ideal time to experience immersive 3D. Ralph Higson, Panasonic’s director of the London Olympic project says “Close up at a finish line, watching the athletes come towards you, especially on a plasma screen, is really something else.”