Lions branded arrogant long ball merchants

Frank Dalleres
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MONTENEGRO boss Branko Brnovic has fanned the flames ahead of tonight’s World Cup qualifier by depicting England as arrogant long-ball merchants.

Brnovic taunted England in response to questions about the state of the Podgorica pitch, which has several patched-up areas and came under heavy rainfall yesterday.

“I read statements from some English players about the way the pitch will look,” he said. “As far as I know, the English have always favoured long passes, so who should complain about this? This supports the idea they’re more scared of this game than we are.”

Brnovic cited England’s planned friendlies in November, when they may yet be required to compete in a play-off, as proof of arrogance.

“Perhaps after the game with us they’ll have to cancel them, and suffer a penalty,” he added. “I’m not saying we can’t lose, but England will really have to toil.”