Lumis Uno projector from Sim2
It’s not cheap, but this projector is one of the most advanced on the market, and will turn your home
cinema into the ultimate private screening room.

Cara blu-ray player from Denon
The Cara condenses technology from many of Denon’s flagship audio and video devices into a single, groundbreaking black box.

Sony Bravia HX903 3D TV
Now that every other film Hollywood churns out is in 3D you need something to watch them in 3D, and Sony’s pioneering TV can do just that. It’s arriving later in the spring, but is available to order from Harrods now – you’ll need 3D glasses though.

Q-TV2X from Q-Acoustics
A lot of flat screen TVs look great but sound terrible. These speakers clamp to the back of the telly and improve the sound hugely.

Sound Projector from Loewe
This ingenious device solves the problem of spreading wires and speakers around a room. The 40 directional speakers inside it tune themselves to the room automatically, giving you 5.1 surround sound from one wall-mounted box.