WITH summer looking likely to pull through for us this year, numerous picnics and hours spent in parks and gardens lie in wait.

If you yearn for something more than grass stains on your bum and swigging bubbly out of the bottle, look no further. Here are some ways to make your picnicking, lounging experience as pleasant, comfortable and stylish as possible. One of the most important aspects of a picnic is what you’re sitting on. Chairs are for wimps, so why not invest in a luxuriant blanket made from Scottish wool or, if you are concerned about rain, a nifty, practical roll-up blanket. For the eco-conscious there is the biodegradable bag and cutlery from Biome and for those that don’t want their champagne to go flat, the stopper is a must. Croquet fans will delight in this eight mallet set: pricey but worthwhile. Here’s to the great outdoors.

Highland Store Calzeat Tapestry Throw Celtic Knot Blue


Epicurean Europe Champagne Stopper

For stockists go to www.epicureaneurope.co.uk

Biome Biodegradable Picnic Bag with Plates, Cups and Cutlery


Hubble and Freeman Great Exhibition Croquet Set


John Lewis Navy Picnic Roll Up Rug


Cath Kidston Painted Hurricane Lantern