Life in the City all mapped out for you

YOU work there everyday, and probably spend more time surrounded by its office buildings than your own four walls, but how much do you really know about the Square Mile?

A lunchtime trip to the Walbrook Building on Cannon Street this week might help you find out, as until Saturday it’s home to an exhibition exploring the link between the architecture of the City of London and its success as a business centre.

As well as scale models of developments past and present that have defined the City’s progress, the Developing City Exhibition has asked three teams of architects to put together their visions of London in 2050 – including a park running all the way from Hampstead to the City along the route of the old River Fleet, and a de-carbonised City with pedestrianised streets, more green space and a new financial centre at Aldgate.

Perhaps you’ll also find the answer to one of The Capitalist’s most burning questions – why every new building that springs up in London has to be given a bizarre nickname?

We already have the cheesegrater and the walkie talkie, and no sooner had WR Berkley applied for permission to build a new 35-storey tower by Leadenhall market yesterday than it had already been given a rather gruesome moniker – the Scalpel.