Lib Dems claim partial victory amid the cuts

Steve Dinneen
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THE Lib Dems yesterday insisted they had won a partial victory despite the swingeing budget cuts.
The party, which had argued against reducing the deficit too quickly in the build up to the election claimed they had forced through a number of important concessions.

Lib Dem minister for defence Nick Harvey claimed the delaying of the Trident decision was a victory for his party. He said: “Conducting a value for money review of Trident was a key part of the Lib Dems joining this coalition government and, as we expected, the review identified significant savings.”

Minister in the transport department Norman Baker also claimed the continuation of several high-profile rail projects was a key Lib Dem policy.

Likewise, minister in the health department Paul Burstow said the government’s pledge to protect spending on social care by allocating an additional £2bn by 2014/15 was a success story among the cuts.