The Lexus Ultimate Yacht Experience

YOU MAY ask yourself why Lexus is taking people on a yacht to the Isle of Wight. Well, because there is more to the Lexus brand than making cars. Its "Experiences" packages, which are available to anyone, not just those who own a Lexus, range from chocolate tasting to shooting trips.

I'm always one to enjoy pampering, so the Lexus Ultimate Yacht Experience started on a good note. Picked up in a sleek, chauffeur driven Lexus RX450h, with big comfortable bucket leather seats, we were whisked off to Southampton Marina to begin our day. Once upon the yacht, we were thoroughly spoilt, with beautiful scenery, endless glasses of Champagne and food being served against the backdrop of beautiful white boats racing past.

The highlight of the day, though, was the rib ride. When I hear the word rib, it doesn't really sound that much fun. I always think of the blow up boat that my sister and I would slide down the hill in the snow in, so I feel it doesn't really do the experience justice. It is more of a speedboat- and it's extremely fast. For those who love the rush of rollercoasters but are afraid of heights, this is ideal. Despite the jaws song entering my head, you never really fear for your life, despite reaching speeds of 50 knots (around 60mph). The only problem with the rib is that you become slightly addicted, acting like giddy school children screaming "more!" and "faster!", although those suffering from joint issues may wish to avoid it as it's a fairly bumpy ride.

The Isle of Wight itself is spectacular. It has a buzzing excited energy that's contagious and had us all dancing, drinking and thoroughly enjoying themselves. Fun and festivities filed the air with, live music blasting out as spectators swayed along, enjoying the stalls and drinks tents, which took the form of double decker Pimms buses and Hawaiian saloons.

Our trip finished with a fireworks display above the famous Needles, before I drifted off to sleep in the back of the RX450h. The Lexus experience had well and truly won me over. For more information or to book your place on a Lexus Experience visit The Ultimate Yacht Experience start from £199.00 per person for groups of two or more.