Letters to the editor for 9 May 2013

Help to Buy

[Re: Fears of new housing bubble as government helps buyers, Tuesday]

Fathom Consulting predicts that Help-to-Buy could create a dangerous new housing bubble by pushing prices up by 20 per cent by 2015. But it could have a positive effect if it is delivered within a more favourable planning system. Politicians have tinkered with our antiquated planning system to little effect, and the number of homes being built remains as low as ever. Local authorities have had long enough to identify viable land for housing; now is the time to release it, approve planning and start building. Only then will Help to Buy achieve its aim of helping more into homes they can afford without inflating prices.

Steve Lees, SmartNewHomes, Canary Wharf


Immigration policy

[Re: Ukip wrong to ditch flat tax – but Farage’s party is on a roll, Tuesday]

This piece is right on the flat tax (though I fear the left will successfully portray it as inequitable whatever the merits). But I disagree on immigration. Many of those in Ukip oppose further immigration not because they are illiberal, but because the UK has proven so inadequate at coping with it. We’ve not expanded public services or the housing supply sufficiently, and we also seem bad at the more intangible cultural integration needed to support a successful immigration policy. Until the UK economy is sufficiently liberalised to adapt to high levels of immigration, it’s irresponsible to continue with the current policy.

Edward Moore



Ed Miliband admitted that his alternative Queen’s speech would cost £28.1bn more. Same old Labour. Spend, spend, spend.

Sir Alex Ferguson’s achievement has been exceptional. Hopefully his retirement wil make life a little easier for my team.

As Sir Alex Ferguson is retiring, he must be recognised by friends and foes as one of the greatest managers that ever lived.

I agree with Andrea Leadsom MP. Lord Lawson is wrong that change in the EU is impossible.