Letters to the Editor for 7 May 2013

Britain’s pubs

[Re: Britain’s pubs are at risk of disaster if government meddling continues, Friday]
This is an interesting article. In hindsight, few people that the long-term impact of the Beer Orders helped the pub industry. But the government was concerned about vertical integration, and felt that tenants and customers were not getting a fair deal. I accept that its intentions at the time were honourable. The position today, however, is very different. The industry is crying out for help, the lease/pubco model is struggling to continue, and many more pubs will continue to close. The government must put pressure on all parties to sort out the mess it helped to create in the first place. It’s unlikely to make things any worse.

Andrew Whelan


Competitive TV

[Re: The beauty of competition is cooking up a storm on the nation’s TV screens, Friday]
I’m glad Marc Sidwell elected to ignore The Apprentice in his round up of those shows promoting healthy competition and business nous on TV. Lord Sugar’s programme presents a ridiculous (and rather damaging) vision of what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. More often that not, contestants are praised for cutting corners, for the gift of the gab, and for kowtowing to their business betters. It’s a game show more than anything else. As Sidwell says, far better that aspiring young entrepreneurs watch Masterchef. There they’ll see that business can be beautiful.

Michelle Foster



British politics is now looking very interesting. Do we now have a four party system?

Why is it assumed the LibDems will recover in 2015? When was the last time they increased their vote at a national election?

There should be a three way leaders’ debate at the next election: David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nigel Farage.

I’ll cheerfully vote to bring forward an EU referendum vote, but that alone will not fix the Conservatives’ problem.