Letters to the editor for 6 June 2013

Vacuous Labour

[Re: Britain’s economy is falling behind in a new Pacific century, yesterday]

What business experience does Chuka Umunna have, other than as an employment lawyer making money from Britain’s complex legal system? I mean the business of designing, making and selling. The reason I ask is that, while thoughts like “we need a government that will stand full-square behind our productive businesses” may sound good, they are entirely vacuous. Is Umunna proposing politicians like him spend more taxpayers money, backing the businesses they perceive as productive?

Harry Jones


Right of recall

[Re: Could giving constituents the power to recall errant MPs help restore trust in politicians, Tuesday]

Representatives are elected to act on behalf of the people – MPs and the government are the management team, not the owners of the state. They have a fiduciary duty and a duty of care to the people. So a right of recall is essential and should be embedded in the system to counter mis-alignment of interests. But it’s also the duty of everyone in society to monitor the progress and policies of those in power. This may not, on its own restore trust, but it is vital to making the system work.

Jamie Lin



Next month’s Monetary Policy Committee will not just be the first for Mark Carney. It will be the first monthly MPC meeting ever without Mervyn King present.

Some very weak results from the international side of Tesco’s business; not many countries with positive like for like sales.

Ed Miliband has got it wrong. Maybe if we taxed people less, they’d be less reliant on in-work benefits and the “living wage”.